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      How to Solve the Common Problems of Automatic Paper Bag Machine?

      Jun. 24, 2019

      As a Corrugated Cardboard Machine Manufacturer, let's talk about the common problems and solutions of the Automatic Paper Bag Machine.

      1. Does the heat seal not completely cause the content to deteriorate?

      An anti-pollution heat-sealing film should be used, and anionic resin can be selected. It has excellent anti-pollution heat sealing properties.

      2. How to solve the problem of brittle or brittle?

      The causes of brittle or brittle fracture are: A heat seal is too high; B is too large; C heat seal time is too long; D upper edge is too sharp; E bottom B is too hard; F is in the process of ripening, part Infiltrated into the film. The substrate is affected by the penetration, the toughness (resistance) is reduced, and the brittleness is improved. After the cooling and placement of the G plastic, the heat is increased, and the tendency to become brittle is increased.

      Solution: 1. According to the different materials of the inner sealing layer, choose the appropriate processing and heat sealing time; 2. Improve the flat state of the upper heat sealing knife to make the surface flat; 3. Select the silicon mat with suitable hardness.

      Automatic Paper Bag Machine

      3. What should I do if the upper and lower sides are not allowed?

      The reason is that the film is uneven and has a ruffled edge. The double floating stick force is too small, and some sticks are not stable.

      The tension of the double floating stick should be adjusted to check and adjust the guide stick.

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