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      • Lead edge feeding four color flexo printer
      • Lead edge feeding four color flexo printer
      • Lead edge feeding four color flexo printer

      Lead edge feeding four color flexo printer


      Color GroupEverything can be equipped   according to user’s needs.
      Printing PaperA, B, C, A/B, B/C, A/B/C.
      Production Speed250pcs/min220pcs/min200pcs/min
      Max. Paper  Sizes900*1800/2000/2200/2400/2600mm1200*1800/2000/2200/2400/2600mm1400*1800/2000/2200/2400/2600mm
      Min. Paper SizesPositiveknife300*640mm350*720mm400*720mm
      Negative knife300*720mm350*740mm400*740mm
      Max. Printing Sizes900*1800/2000/2200/2400/2600mm900*1800/2000/2200/2400/2600mm900*1800/2000/2200/2400/2600mm
      Standard PrintingPlate Thickness                                    7.2mm
      PrintingRoller Dia.300mm408mm480mm

      Function and Characteristics

      1.Computer order storage and adjustment , faster order update and convenient operation .

      2.Complete machine wallboard and other important pieces are all made by high precision process center and  grinded by digit-controlled grinder.

      3.All the transmission axle and rollers are made of high-quality steel with high-precision dynamic balance , plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface. 

      4.The transmission gear adopts the high-quality steel , which is grinded after heat-treatment , after long use , it still maintains the high topping precision.

      5.The main machine transmission parts adopt the hand-free connection ring to eliminate the interval,  suitable for  long-term high speed printing

      6.The whole machine undergoes the spray lubrication and is equipped with engine oil automatic balance facilities. 

      7..PCLINK control network , MCGS software , Siemens low voltage electric appliance and host frequency conversion control , 30% electricity saving 

      8.Double axle slotting to configure whole machine production management computer control system and single axle slotting to configure whole machine

       production management computer control system.

      Lead edge feeding four color flexo printer

      Paper feeding unit

      1.Adopt servo motor driver multi-axis no pressure feeding system, no mechanical transmission error.  

      2.Without full extension type paper glue of shaft transmission , implementation is true in the sense of zero damage,

       can prevent the deformation of cardboard an guarantee the accuracy of the paper.

      3.Vacuum Suction lead edge feed and adjust the paper size as per pressure of wind.  

      4.Installing suck removing dust machine to eliminate the odd on the printing plate and improve the printing quality.  

      5.Non side breakage technology to decrease transmission difference to min degree.

      6.Without equipping oil recycling and lubrication structure , and it is friendly to environment . 

      Lead edge feeding four color flexo printer

      Printing unit

      1.Both printing cylinder and impression cylinder are made of high quality steel with grounding surface and chrome plated.  

      2.Dynamic and static balance correction ensure to run stability.  

      3.Adopt hanging structure , convenience and fast to set up.  

      4.Installing and uninstalling printing plate with pedal switch.  

      5.Working with feeding unit and automatic developer system ( during the feeding unit runs , the anvil roller goes down to

       contact with printing plate, while, on contract, leave printing plate. )

      6.Printing phrase adjustment adopt touch-screen , which is finished by servo driven program  automatically.  

      7.Printing roller keep the function of zero return and can reset in dynamic and static condition.  

      8.Cermiacal anvil roller work 

      with close scrapping ink structure . 80-150printing line is available. 

       9.Pneumatic diaphragm pump control pump to supply and exclude ink , convenience to wash.      

      10.Duralumin arch shape scrapping ink container make anti-curved ability increase by 30% and save 20% for ink reversion. 

      11.Coating with friendly environment material for easy clean.  


      Packaging & Delivery
      Packaging Details:
      We usually packed this machine covered by plastic film. 
      Delivery Detail:
      Within 30 days after we got the deposit.

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