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      • Electric Mill Roll Stand
      • Electric Mill Roll Stand
      • Electric Mill Roll Stand
      • Electric Mill Roll Stand

      Electric Mill Roll Stand


      Electric Mill Roll Stand

      Electric Mill Roll Stand


      1.Symmetrical structure can also install two bundles of paper at the same time,Paper can be used for non-stop for a job;Adopts mechanical drive to complete the paper clamping, lifting, loosen, move on, around translational motion, etc.

      2.each shaftless mill roll stand is equipped with two pieces of paper guide, two set    of    paper car;paper guide the use of channel 14 and the guide post weld,paper    

          car    adopt    10mm welded stell,the length of track is 6000mm.

      3.manual dics brake,add screw following.

      4.electric elements centralized control the electric elements,toothed chuck.

      technical parameters

      1,the range of paper jams:maximum:1800mm    minimum:600mm

      2,the diameter of paper jams:maximum:1400mm    minimum:400mm

      3,Unilateral maximum load:maximum2000Kg

      4,Powered motor parameters:

      Paper jams motor550W×4set  380V    50HZ short(S2)working standard

      lift motor 1.5KW      380V    50HZ  short(S2)working standard

      Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin

      Name of main partsBrands or place of originmaterial
      motorShandong Jinan
      reducerShandong Dezhou  Jin bu huan
      contactsChint  or De li xi
      chuckXusheng3 inches, 4 inches shared
      wallboardProduction ownHT200

      Product show

      1- Electric mill roll stand  2-cast steel material  3-single point pnumatic break

      Equiped with uniform torsion  clutch, safe, easy and reliable operation.

      The structure is symmetrical, can load two rolls raw paper at the same time, can change the paper roll without stop the machine.

      Finished product dis


      Packaging & Shipping

      • Shandong Rino International Group
      • Add.: Shandongjinan High Tech Zone Hisense Chuangzhi Valley Room 1-2003 http://www.10jingqiu.icu/ https://rinointltrade.en.alibaba.com/
      • Tel: +86 531 8887 0750
      • Mob.: +86 139 5418 5696 , +86 130 0174 3399
      • Fax: +86 531 8887 0750
      Ellen Lin
      Afei liu