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      • Corrugated Cardboard Single Facer Machine
      • Corrugated Cardboard Single Facer Machine

      Corrugated Cardboard Single Facer Machine


      Corrugated Cardboard Single Facer Machine

      Single Face Corrugated Paper Making Machine

      1. Adopt the cover style adsor structure ,match with high pressure winder , winder match with quiter ,air and electrical control centrated in the operation work table, distance with main machine1.5 m .main machine operation side all have the cover.

      2. Machine seat with wallboard all case iron , the thickness of wall board 130mm ,adopt the alone gearbox ,and gimbal transmission

      3.Corrugated roller adopt 48 crmo ,alloy steel ,after laser hardening

      Surface grinding , corugated roller diameter 280mm ,surface hardness HRC60 ,main part bear of the corrugated roller ,and pressure roller with stand high temperature

      4.Pressure roller diameter324mm ,surfacer grinding and chormeplated ,cylinder control move up and down ,material medium carbon steel 45#,hardening and tempering (with cushioning device)  

      5. Pneumatic control supply or reback the glue ,coating glue roller diameter 215mm ,surface after grinding ,carved 25 line steel pit anilox , then chorme plated , even glue roller after grinding then chorm plated .

      6. Corrugated roller ,pressure roller material suppled by zhongyuan tegang, corrugated roller single side have 0.15mm middle height, pressure roller single side 0.075mm middle height.  Add the limit device,

      Press clycinder use diameter 160mm

      Preheater diameter 320mm ,use the steamless steel ,connect by steel soft tube

      Up Roller:Φ280mm

      Down Roller:Φ165mm

      Different OD make sure to corrugated low gsm paper flute not easy to be broken

      48CrMo high quality alloy steel, rigidity HRC55-58
      Processing Way
      The surface of upper-lower roller is plating chrome, annealing, hardening and tempering, surface grinded
      Fulte Type
      (U/V) ACBEF
      Material band or origin
      Shandong Jinan
      Heating way of the reel paper
      Steam heating
      Rollers Changing
      10-15 minutes changing,use trolley to feed inside of the single facer, fix on the stand of the machine, only buttons and switches to change the corrugated rollers.
      Corrugated Flute Type:

      Single Face Corrugated Paper Making Machine

      Foctory Show

      Single Face Corrugated Paper Making Machine

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      Single Face Corrugated Paper Making Machine

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