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      About Us

      Rino is a fast growing group company mainly committed to manufacturing and exporting high quality products with reasonable price to fulfill the needs of the most rigorous buyers. With the development of 20 years  ,Rino Group already established flexo printing machine plant ,manual die cutting machine plant ,corrugated production line plant in Hebei province , carton packaging plant and trade department in Jinan Shandong province, Oversea branch in Chennai India.

      Our company has nearly 20 years of experience in carton packaging production and professional technical team which can provide reasonable packaging solutions, after-sales service, timely and comprehensive  for each customer. Aiming at offering the most suitable solution and professional service, Persisting in client requirement oriented, offering high quality, reasonable price and cordial service which have formed a unique service mode

      We sincerely expecting for cooperation with all global clients on the basis of Mutual-Trust, Mutual-Understanding, and Mutual-Benefit

      Enterprise tenet:
      Technology leading, sustainable development
      • Shandong Rino International Group
      • Add.: Shandongjinan High Tech Zone Hisense Chuangzhi Valley Room 1-2003 http://www.10jingqiu.icu/ https://rinointltrade.en.alibaba.com/
      • Tel: +86 531 8887 0750
      • Mob.: +86 139 5418 5696 , +86 130 0174 3399
      • Fax: +86 531 8887 0750
      Ellen Lin
      Afei liu